Poetry: Entwined in Our Souls

entwined in our souls
Since I unfolded
The first page of our story
I knew that this book
Would continue till eternity

It began simple and sweet
You held me in your arms
A glimpse of your face
Brought a smile to mine

The immense world
With all its people
Its history and poems
Was nothing, nothing at all
Compared to our love

As I turned the youthful pages
A few times over
I saw the metamorphosed stages
Steady and yet dynamic

Every line, every verse
Sadly wasn’t remembered
But it didn’t untie
The knot of our bond

Things got a little complex
Pages crammed
Emotions filled
Colours darkened

It wasn’t sweet and simple now
It was tangled
Bewildering and โ€˜mazical’
Making it difficult to decipher

But digging through all that
Something uncovered
It was a solacing light
That lit the misty sky
Like twilight

That light was our love
So strong and deep
Never fading, imperishable
And entwined in our souls

Hey guys! In case you are wondering, I wrote this poem for my mom on herย birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

This was alsoย published in the recent issue of my school magazine. Also,ย I would like to say that I plan to post some of my old write-ups/poems before I write new ones…Hope you liked this one! Bye!

34 thoughts on “Poetry: Entwined in Our Souls

    1. I am not talented enough to appreciate your poems but you seem to be passionate about it and that is very important. Also recognizing your mother is highly appreciated

      Prasanna (Subbi)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This is beautiful! Thanks for including the little italicized section at the bottom; I love getting some background information on a poem. Thanks also for sharing your talents with the internet. Good luck & keep writing!!

    Liked by 1 person

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