The Monster in the Mirror


In the midst of any other day, I walked towards the mirror to take a look at myself. As I stared at my reflection, I noticed my pimple marks, my oily skin and my hair standing up like I’d just got up. I sighed and continued to move down from my face. I stopped at my waist to see how much weight I’ve gained and how terrible I looked . Tears began to pool in my eyes as I looked at myself melancholy and disgusted, while I blurred out everything else.

Slowly my reflection began to morph into something, someone else. I was taken aback at the gradual changes in my clothes and size. A gasp escaped my mouth as I moved my vision to my eyes… was me. Or what I could call, a prettier version of me. Frozen, I saw myself thinner, in designer clothes and wearing pounds of make-up. My hand was on my hip and my legs were crossed like I had posed for a model. I had an evil look in my eye and I began scanning my real self from head to toe. When I finished, I looked at me in the eye, shook my head and belted out a laugh. Even the way I laughed sounded musical. Suddenly I stopped and looked at myself again, “My my, lookie what we have here. You’re like the twin sister I’d never wanted to own. God! How do you even stand to look at yourself every day? People should never see you, it’s a disgrace to my flawless figure. Why don’t you go back to where you came from?”

I continued to criticize myself as my face began to feel hot. I looked to the ground, feeling miserable, until it hit me. I created this monster, this horrible being inside me. I’d kept pulling myself down, criticizing myself and making me insecure. It was all me. The whole reason I’ve been facing low-self esteem was only because of the hellion that I’d created.

I’m still fighting to find the courage to look straight into the eyes of that monster and eliminate its presence from my body. That day will come for all of us, only if we achieve to see that monster in the mirror.



22 thoughts on “The Monster in the Mirror

  1. This is a very important post. Too many girls, including me, feel or have felt this way. I still hesitate to look in the mirror sometimes and don’t believe people when they tell me I’m pretty. You have to make a daily effort to be able to overcome it and you won’t always be victorious. At least that’s how it is for me. Maybe nobody else has that…

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