The Tree of Love and Jealousy

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Our brain is like a huge and marvelous forest, where we keep wandering from place to place. Here, you have magnificent locations including The Lake of Kindness, The Valley of Creativity and much more. However, the most interesting and complex part is the Trees of Emotions. We have all kinds of trees, The Tree of Joy, The Tree of Fear, The Tree of Sadness, The Tree of Pride (and Prejudice πŸ˜‰ ) and much more. But two of the most important trees are The Tree of Jealousy and The Tree of Love.


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The Tree of Love exists in the center of the forest, huddling all the creatures together. It is in the color orchid purple & hot pink. The tree is hard but smooth and its leaves are in beautiful shades of red and pink. Its branches are curvy & elegant. We usually are around The Tree of Love that encourages us to spread & share our love, respect & love each and every being and to love life in spite of some of the ups & downs in it.

The Tree of Jealousy exists in one of the deep corners of the brain. It is the color of bright scarlet red and brown. It feels very rough, prickly and pointy. Its branches are all brittle and crooked. However, in spite of all this, its fruits are very inviting, mouth-watering and addictive.

At times, we explore the forest & come around at a corner where we see The Tree of Jealousy. It says β€˜Come, my child, do not fear me, come & have some of my delicious fruits’. Slowly we approach the tree and take a bite of its fruit. We suddenly experience the sweetness and addictiveness of the fruit that craves us for having more. We acquire a strong emotion that can last for seconds, days, or years. In other words, we acquire jealousy. At times, we break free and run back to the pleasant part of the forest. But at times we stand there, tangled in its branches and gulping down one fruit after the other.
We hear the faraway sound of The Tree of Love saying β€˜Come back my child! She’s not safe!’ but we don’t listen to her.

β€˜Why should you go back there?’ would say The Tree of Jealousy, β€˜All that she gives you are those sour, nasty fruits. Stay with me my child and I’ll give you the best fruits you can ever get’.

One fine day we finally stop eating those fruits & shake off those chains of jealousy and come running back to The Tree of Love and the whole cycle begins again. After all, jealousy cannot exist without love and love cannot exist without jealousy….

….Or can it?…..What do you think?

Let me know in comments…



Hey guys! I had written this during my summer break a few years back….Hope you enjoyed reading it!

Thank you Samuditha for portraying my descriptions through beautiful illustrations! Pls do check out her amazing art blog if you haven’t: 

46 thoughts on “The Tree of Love and Jealousy

  1. Nice way of using the trees as symbolism. As for the question, it is possible to Love something or someone without being Jealous. Though it honestly depends on the level of circumstances and maturity. Jealousy usually stems from an apparently hopeless situation where, where one has yet to come to terms about that fact. Let’s face it, if there was hope of over turning that Jealousy most should just do that than just wallow in self pity of some kind. Though once come to terms about the issue, while it may still be unfavorable and possibly unfair, once you come to terms the need to become jealous just becomes ridiculous as most likely will change nothing… Well that’s my opinion on the matter anyway…hope that makes sense.

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  2. Regarding the write up.. very interesting metaphor… but you know in my opinion I would say you can apply the same words you have used to describe the jealousy tree for love.. strange but true.. live has all that characters… and it’s because we love that we feel jealous..

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  3. Hi namitha, felt good to read your thoughts. It was actually like exploring the forest that Is in you. There is so much depth to the person that you are… keep going girl..kudos.. feel proud of you.

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  4. For me, jealousy has its pros and cons. A little bit can encourage an push you on to what you think are better things. A lot of jealousy leaves you feeling dissatisfied. I’ve found that the more unhappy with life I am, the more jealous I become. Luckily for me, I am rarely jealous. Other peoples’ holidays are what makes me jealous these days πŸ™‚ Good thought provoking post and lovely drawing by Namuditha too.

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  5. I loved reading this, it’s so creative and so accurate! Great work, you’re a wonderful writer. I’m not so sure if love and jealousy are connected. In my opinion, love is pure and jealousy is not. I don’t think love requires jealousy and I don’t think jealousy requires love. I think you can just love without having to experience anything negative. Also, jealousy doesn’t require much involvement….it can be as simple as seeing someone’s shoes and wanting them for yourself.

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    1. Thank you😊 and thanks for your opinion…definitely agree, but sometimes jealousy can be related to love is what I feel…like when you feel jealous when more importance is given to a sibling…you want love from the people you love, and if you don’t get it, that’s where jealousy kicks in…anyway, its just my opinion…thanks again! 😊

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