Nostalgia…. I’ve been wanting to write something about this lately as I’ve been feeling extremely nostalgic from the past few months. Coincidently, I saw this word on the daily post and decided to write something about it. I knew that it is actually supposed to be a photo challenge, but I couldn’t help not writing someting about it. I’m not sure if nostalgia is supposed to be a light emotion. What I mean to say is that everyone does feel nostalgic for one reason or the other during different stages of their life, but is it something that must be dwelled on? Is it supposed to be an emotion that makes you think about it so hard?

Like I said, I’ve been feeling nostalgic about so many reasons and sometimes I think about it so hard that it actually makes me feel very sad. Currently, I’m in the 10th grade and I’ll be moving to the 11th grade soon. Thinking about the wonderful times that I’ve spent in the school that I’m studying makes me feel so sad that I have to join another school next year. It’s ironic; When I first joined this school I was waiting for the 10th grade so that I can finally join a new school and now that I’m in the 10th grade, thinking about next year is pretty depressing. I have had a few unpleasant experiences…. ok, cross that….. I have had many unpleasant experiences, but what I’ve learned from these experiences definitely makes me the person who I am today. These three years, since I’ve entered my teens, have been life-changing and when I mean life-changing, I don’t mean a small experience with the usage of this clichéd term, I mean absolutely life-changing. I’ve made amazing friends that I’ll remember throughout my whole life. When some people said that high school (apart from college) was one of the best experiences in your life, I always disagreed. I mean, how can anyone like being in a hell hole for four years?! Now I realize that your high school experience isn’t all welcoming with a path of beautiful flowers laid in front of you. It’s a path with prickly thorns and creepy wines and God knows what lies beneath all the filth, but the best part is finding the hidden beauty, those small beautiful things, which what makes you love the path so much. I know that many of you may still disagree with what I’m saying, but my experience so far was one of the best. I don’t know what awaits me the next two years, but I’m ready…

I’ve had beautiful memories and thinking about these memories makes me so happy. However, the worst part about feeling nostalgic is that time cannot be reversed and you can never experience those experiences ever again. There are ups and downs in everyone’s life, but the best part is what you learn from those experiences. So, cherish this moment, because how miserable or how amazing it might be, you will never be able to live it again. Ever.



Hey everyone! Hope you liked my write-up on nostalgia… Not a highly edited one, just poured my feelings into it…

I also wanted to say that I’ll get back to all the awards that I have been nominated to ASAP… It’s been sometime since I’ve done one of those…Bye guys! See you in my next post…



10 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. Very true.. Loved the way you expressed…Remember that I’m always here for you…
    Time can never be reversed and we must always accept how life comes to us…The past can be re-experienced only in our hearts! Good luck!

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