3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

Hey everyone! I was so excited for this challenge! I would like to thank saturinskies, TheOriginalPhoenix, radhikagaur and Samuditha for nominating me for this challenge! Sorry for being late guys! Do check out their blogs too…they are truly amazing!!

Today’s quote:


There is no book where our destiny is written. There’s not any sort of diary that God keeps and writes down every single thing that has happened or that will happen to us in the future. We create our own destiny. No one decides anything for us, it is YOU who have made your life what it is now. Our thoughts create our destiny. Our destiny is only roughly constructed on the basis of what we think, but nothing is made concrete. It keeps changing. New parts are added and old ones are broken down. Basically, our destiny is like a building that is being built by our thoughts and will continue to be, until the day we die. Our destiny is only completed the day we die; when the building is finally built.Β 


My nominees are:






Hope you guys liked that qoute! Bye!


17 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

  1. Wow this was profound, how many times do we complain that all it’s fate, not out of belief but rather out of excuse. Yes this is beautiful, for the aim of an architect is to make a beautiful, bewitching creation and the result will be the fruit of their thoughts, and this analogy can be applied to every second of their life. Simply powerful!

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