3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 2

Hey everyone! I was so excited for this challenge! I would like to thank saturinskies, TheOriginalPhoenix, radhikagaur and Samuditha for nominating me for this challenge! Sorry for being late guys! Do check out their blogs too…they are truly amazing!!

Today’s quote:



I chose this quote from one of the best romance novels that I’ve read –Anna and the French Kiss (definitely recommend it if you enjoy light-hearted, YA romance novels! πŸ˜‰ ) and something about this quote has gripped me since then….


This is such a beautiful quote. It is so simple, and at the same time, it has so much of meaning and depth in it. All of us can relate to this quote, with someone whom we feel we are at ‘home’ with. I remember the times I’ve spent with my friends and my mom and how comfortable I feel around them. It feels warm and cozy with them, like I’m almost at home, curled up in my bed and silently reading a book. They make me feel at ease with whatever weird thing that’s happening in my life. They take me back to my original self. And isn’t that what ‘homes’ are supposed to do?

A home doesn’t have to be physical. It doesn’t have to be a place, and it wasn’t exactly meant to be one. Home is an abstract concept that describes a powerful emotion and is often mistaken to be something materialistic. Home is where the heart it, and heart is where your loved ones lie.


My nominees are:


Jo Smith



Hope you like that quote! Bye guys!







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