3 Day Quote Challenge: Last Day!

Hey everyone! I was so excited for this challenge! I would like to thank saturinskies, TheOriginalPhoenix, radhikagaur and Samuditha for nominating me for this challenge! Sorry for being late guys! Do check out their blogs too…they are truly amazing!!

Today is the third and final day and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed finding new quotes and writing about them! Thank you so much again guys for nominating me! πŸ™‚


Todays Quote:



I found this quote very relatable to our lives. Everyone gets judged on the things that they do and the choices that they make without knowing the real story behind it. There’s a story behind every person, and people reject to accept this fact. Each one of us chooses a different journey, a different path and a different way of leading life and this makes us what we are. But that’s not the point.

People can disagree with what you choose. They may not get you. They may ask you to settle on something else, or worse, they may say mean things behind your back. But we can’t change people, and that’s what people do. People judge you based on the 1% of your life they know and I know how annoying that can be. So it’s ok. The least you can do is ignore and lead your life you want to. That’s what this quote teaches us.


My nominees:





Hope you guys liked that quote! Bye!


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