5 Things I Have Learned at School… so far :-P



School is, without the slightest hint of doubt, an integral part of everyone’s life. Apart from learning Math, Geography, English and the other subjects included in this vigorous present-day curriculum, there certainly is a fair amount of other things that all of us have learned. Allow me to take you through the ‘5 Things I Have Learned at School… so far :-P’

1) No one will remember MOST of your embarrassing moments

Ok….I’ve tweaked this one a little and have changed the ANY to MOST…because, like some of you said, there are a few significant embarrising moments that no one will ever forget…

Sure, some things may have gone viral; like that day you fell on your butt in the hallway, puked on your friend or perhaps even farted in class. After all, school is swarming with a bunch of embarrassing events that happen to students every day. You must have felt like shit and that incident might have haunted you for what seemed like forever. But let’s be real. A few years from now, although people may remember some of you embarrising moments, they would have a ton too, to get embarrsed about. I have at least 10 embarrising moments in school each day, honest, but people only remember the ones that can be never forgotten. So don’t stress and shake off those feelings of embarrassment by having a good laugh with your friends. 

2) It’s OK to get into a fight with your friends

Only recently, my best friend and I got into this HUGE fight and we hadn’t spoken to each other for three days. It was the first time I had ever been in a serious fight. Those days were like hell and seemed to never end, but it did. Everything came back to normal after the waterworks and hugging. It’s ok to mess up a little and make shitty mistakes, but the best part is that you get to learn from them. After all:

“Life is a big fat gigantic stinking mess… that’s the beauty of it too” – If I Stay


3) Sometimes you HAVE to get along with people you don’t like

By ‘get along’ I don’t mean forcefully hold hands and act oblivious to your emotions. If you don’t like someone, you don’t have to act like you do. However, when things don’t go the way you expect and you end up being that person’s lab partner, you have no choice but to negotiate with that person. You may loathe this person, but you gotta work with them if you want a good grade. I have worked with people who aren’t exactly my personal favorites, but I had to roll with it.


4)One ‘B’ or a ‘C’ is NOT going to threaten your chances of becoming whatever you aspire to be

All of us do experience a dip sometime or the other, and that does feel like crap. When you work your ass off on a test but get a bad grade, it sucks. Even worse, you start thinking horrible things about you and your future. I remember going into depression when I’d done extremely bad on my math exam. It was horrible, but sobbing and sulking weren’t going to make it any better. The best way of coming out of failure is to analyze where you went wrong and work towards your mistakes instead. I realized that math isn’t my level of expertise anyway, and sometimes I may not get a score that I want, but that doesn’t give me an excuse to not try hard. Besides, it’s not like my life is over. So, I made that up by smashing it on the next test.


5) Live in the moment, BUT think about the future

Your school days are those days that you can never have later in life. So have fun, enjoy, party and go crazy! No one is stopping you from doing so, but remember that there is a life ahead and outside this. Plan your future, your career and what you want to do with your life. Have a goal set and things you want to accomplish. Get a little serious when you know it’s the time to. I know a ton of friends who still have no idea what profession they want to take up. It’s ok to be unsure about your future, everyone is, at some point of their life, but that shouldn’t stop you from thinking about it. No one can predict what’s going to happen, which is why you plan. After all, school is supposed to prepare you for the future.


Hope you guys enjoyed reading about the ‘5 Things I Have Learned at School… so far :-P’ Feel free to comment below some of the stuff you have learned at school! I would also love to hear some of your opinions on the things that I have learned.


Bye! Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

34 thoughts on “5 Things I Have Learned at School… so far :-P

  1. This reminds me of my school days decades ago … It may all be difficult to handle at this point of time but years later, the memories of school will make you smile. It is good that you look for the lessons … there is always something to learn everyday …

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  2. I can relate to this in so many ways. Thanks so much Namitha, I needed this especially after I felt like I was’burning’ myself after a day full of studying. Awesome, needed-to-read-this post!

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