Shattered Hope

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Beneath the window – which filtered pale light into the room – Sarah was crouched. Her eyes were fixed upon a patch of red mahogany; which was beneath the ugly, peeling, white paint on the door. Her head rested on the grimy, unwashed wall – which upon close observation; muddy hand prints and hints of writing scribbled by younger fingers were obscurely present – but Sarah didn’t care. Her wild, curly and free auburn hair seemed to caress all traces of ancient filth, but she didn’t care. Not because she wasn’t perceptive of this dirt. Not because she was the sort of person that was hardly hygienic.
But simply because of her unconscious consciousness.
A cloud of misery had hung in the usual, summery atmosphere of her mind. As her rusty watch ticked away, this cloud had seemed to transition into something much bigger. Despair lurked behind every fading color, as they faded into nothing. This pale, internal weather gradually shut down Sarah and prevented her from experiencing any emotion. She felt nothing, just infinite gloom. This state of Sarah’s seemed to resonate through her whole sense of being. With every breath she inhaled, she felt pernicious vibrations pierce her in the chest. As she exhaled, she felt herself emit unpleasant vibrations of her own.
A sad parade of tears escaped her eyes and landed with a plop – which was too soft for anyone to hear – and rolled off her cheek like a minuscule waterfall. Its trail dried to the faint wind of the fan, but it’s cool touch lingered, perhaps the only thing Sarah could think of now that was soothing.
If she only could.
A few drops caressed her lips and Sarah tasted shattered hopes and dissolving dreams. As night crept up her window, a lightbulb previously left lit began to flicker. The clinking of the light bulb caused a hazy vision of Sarah’s room, which was followed by a deafening burst. A pungent, bitter, smoky smell reached Sarah’s nostrils. As Sarah inhaled this scent, it was clear to her.
Hope had flickered like a light bulb, which ultimately shattered into pieces. There was nothing but infinite numbness and nothingness.


Ok, so I haven’t written anything in a long time. This is my first write-up after many days and I’m not really sure how it’s turned out. I decided to give descriptive writing a try since describing isn’t really my thing. I’m hoping I haven’t used too many descriptions. Please give me honest feedback guys!

And I know that I said I would create an Instagram account for my blog on Sunday, sadly I couldn’t. I know it seems stupid, but there’s a lot of work I’ve got to do before I create it and I’m planning to explain that later. Thanks for being patient!

Thank you snowlyramble for nominating me, I’ll be getting to the award soon. I also have a ton of awards pending from last year and I plan to do them all in the coming month.


Thanks for reading guys!

30 thoughts on “Shattered Hope

  1. This is so awesome! Your writing is absolutely wonderful, all of the imagery you used really allowed me to picture the scene. I love your blog as a whole too, and I’m so glad I discovered it! Keep up the great work 🙂

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  2. Am Not much of a critique but must say it made my imagination run and could see Sarah sitting and staring on the mahogany path and the smoke from the bulb came alive. The description is very vivid and has met the writer’s goal. Appreciate the work.

    Liked by 1 person

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