For I’ll Succeed


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She can’t

She tries

Oh, do believe me

She tries


To smile through it all

To laugh whole heartedly

To cherish

To love

She tries

She succeeds

And she fails


She cries

She hurts

She’s worthless

She tries

To see the light

She succeeds

And she fails


We try

We all try

I try

I succeed

I fail


She tries

Doesn’t stop

Clutching hope

Fist bleeding

Keeps trying


She fails




She succeeds


We all try

We all fail

We all succeed


So I’ll try

And I’ll wait

For I’ll succeed



This is to everyone who has lost hope or is on the verge of losing it. Life’s hard, life’s shitty. Battling with any kind hardship is tough. This poem is very personal to me. I’ve only decided to share it because I want everyone to know that they’re not alone. We are all in this together. Have hope, never let go. Be grateful for whatever you have and keep trying. Never stop trying. Get back up. You can do this.


Thanks for reading!

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