Weird Things I do as a Reader

Happy Monday everyone!! Today’s post is going to be a little different. I’m not sure if this is just me or something you guys can relate to. Anyway, without further adieu, let’s get into the Weird Things I do as a Reader!


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Recommending books

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This may not seem like that big a deal. It’s only the matter of learning the person’s taste and recommending accordingly, right? Wrong. Unless they are people I know and trust, these are my thoughts when someone asks me to recommend a book:-

Ok, I don’t even know this person.

She/he seems like she’ll/he’ll enjoy contemporary… right?

What if she/he doesn’t like it? Will she/he judge my taste?

Does this person even read?

Ok, stop. I’ll recommend ___. She/he might like it.

But what if she/he does like it? Will she/he really appreciate how great the book is?

Does she/he mean something to me?

Is this just me?? I want to know!


Finishing a book

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Ok, so… I assume any non-reader may think that just after I finish reading the last page of a book, I shut the book, put it back on my shelf and get on with life. Well, nuh-uh. There’s a whole bunch of other things I do after I finish reading a book:

Step 1: Staring blankly at the wall after reading the last word of the book.
Step 2: Still staring and thinking
Step 3: Texting my friend that I just finished the book
Step 4: Finding it difficult to say how much I loved/hated this book
Step 5: Thinking for at least 2 minutes before I type “OMG. No words.”
Step 6: Flipping through the pages and reading my favorite parts (If I liked the book)
Step 7: Finally putting the book down only to talk about it to someone
Step 8: Searching for quotes from the book on the internet and saving them to my gallery

It doesn’t stop there.



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Ok, I know that a lot of us dream about books. It’s pretty common. But the dreams I get aren’t exactly dreams. There’s no storyline, I just deeply and vividly think about the book. The weirdest thing is that I subconsciously know I’m “dreaming”, but I can’t stop it. I had dreamt about Caraval three nights in a row, basically until I finished the book.

Skipping and coming back to pages

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Now don’t get me wrong, I read each and every word while I’m reading a book. However, sometimes I get a little bored during some parts of the book and out of curiosity I skip to a few pages and read from there. I read till I’m satisfied, not many pages though, and come back to where I originally was at. Major plot twists are revealed while I’m pursuing this habit of mine, I still do it anyway.

Visiting bookstores

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I buy most of my books online a) because they’re cheaper and b) because I find most of the books I’m looking for. Going to the bookstore doesn’t make sense at this point, but no. Every time I visit the mall I religiously go to the bookstore. Most of the time I don’t buy anything, I spend my time looking at the collection of books they have under ‘Young Adult’. I window shop for books, except not through an actual window. But sometimes I do end up buying books even though I know for fact that they are much cheaper online. Why? I have no idea.


That’s all I have for you guys today! Let me know some of the weird things you guys do as readers and also if you could relate to some of mine in the comments. See you guys on Thursday!


Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Weird Things I do as a Reader

  1. Another thing is day dreaming fan-fiction after you have read a book/series that you cannot stop thinking about. Those books that have great endings, but you just want more of the characters. Those books that won’t let you start another book with new worlds and characters.

    Things like “What if this character’s sister isn’t actually dead? What if she is alive and doesn’t know who she is? What if she is alive and knows who she is and just doesn’t want to go back? What if she goes back?”

    And soon enough, I have a complete story in my head!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 100% relatable

    Lol I don’t go to bookstores anymore because my pockets aren’t as deep as my craving for every book I see. is, needless to say, my best friend 😀

    One weird thing that I do that nobody else seems to is taking sneak peaks at the ending and midway point of the book before I even start reading. I read the last paragraph, the first paragraph of the last chapter, the first paragraph of the halfway page, and the first paragraph of the halfway chapter. I think it helps me get immersed in the book’s world, since reading a new book can be intimidating…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you found it relatable 😊
      Wow, that’s really unique! I sometimes read the last paragraph of the last chapter though… we all do weird things as a reader that no one else does haha😅

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  3. I can relate to the 1st point. I just go “uhh, I don’t know what type of books you read, so mind telling me ?”. But ofcourse most of the people who ask me are not the ones who read much and have no clue what they like 😕. I buy most of my books online, unless I want some book that’s out of print or a book that I’m not sure I’d like. Then I go to a second hand bookstore.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha ikr🤣🤣 so relatable.. some of them are clueless when I talk about genres and stuff
      I wish there were more second hand bookstores here… even though there are a few I’m positive that YA novels won’t be available

      Liked by 1 person

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