Paper Hearts – eARC Review

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“I’m sorry,” he said, slowly untying the ribbon that held his mask in place. “It’s just—I didn’t want you to think of me any differently.” 

Somehow I kept my mouth from falling open. I knew his face, but my mind couldn’t accept that he was the person looking down at me. 

“My real name is Alec.”

Felicity has her entire future planned. Ever since her older sister ran away, she’s had the full weight of her mother’s expectations on her shoulders. So she works hard to get straight As and save for college. 

Except sometimes the best things in life are unplanned—like when Felicity meets a handsome, masked stranger while she is volunteering at a charity masquerade ball. She never thought he’d flirt with her. And she certainly never thought he’d turn out to be a member of the world-famous Heartbreakers band, Alec. 

Then Felicity uncovers a shocking family secret. Suddenly, she, Alec, and her two best friends are off on a road trip to find Felicity’s missing sister. And she’s about to discover that unexpected turns have a peculiar way of landing her right where she needs to be…


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I started reading Paper Hearts on 31/06/17 and finished it on 02/07/17. This book was a really fun and fluffy contemporary read and wasn’t hard to get into at all! The book cracked me up and had me smiling during most parts! I loved how quirky the characters were and it was so much fun to read about them! I also liked the way romance was central the story and yet the story’s plot wasn’t entirely focused on it. I personally didn’t feel this book was dark or serious – although the synopsis may have suggested otherwise. Although I liked reading it, I wouldn’t be lying if I said Paper Hearts also disappointed me in ways I wasn’t expecting.


One of the things I really enjoyed about the book is the writing! It was very descriptive for a contemporary novel and yet it didn’t slow the pace down! I also liked to read from Felicity’s point of view (in the first person) which is what made it really funny! However, I wasn’t a big fan of the dialogues – I felt most of them were cringy and cheesy. At some points, it seems like they were trying too hard to be authentic.


Coming to the plot, I wasn’t entirely impressed. I expected so much more from the synopsis and I’m not happy with the way the plot was executed. The book failed to bring depth to the story in the interest of proceeding with it.


I adored the aspect of the boy band! I loved Asha’s fangirling moments and Felicity’s nervousness when they were having trouble sinking in the fact that they were acquainted with Alec Williams from The Heartbreakers! It was really funny and cute to read the parts where the boys were together – the way they made fun of each other was hilarious! More than that, I appreciated how the boys were perceived as normal teenage guys and not members of a famous boy band throughout most of the book.


Surprisingly, I adored the side characters more than Felicity and Alec. Asha and Boomer were so fun, humorous and badass! I loved how Asha stood by Felicity’s side during her tough times and always put Felicity’s problems first. Boomer was also equally supportive and I appreciated the fact that he just did his thing no matter what people thought of him.I liked Felicity’s courage and determination. I also liked the way she found herself and what she truly liked throughout the course of the novel. Alec was an okay character for me though – it seemed like the whole mysterious and reserved thing didn’t work for me. l felt like drama was purposefully created between Alec and Felicity to get the story going. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the relationship between them and their confusion regarding it.


I absolutely hated Rose and her mother. Both of their reasons and explanations for what they did was stupid and unnatural. Again, it seemed like it was for the sake of the plot.


Overall, Paper Hearts was a fun, fast and enjoyable contemporary novel and I rate it 3.5 stars! Although I had issues with it, I don’t regret reading the novel and I’m definitely looking forward to reading the first book in the series someday!


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*I’d like to thank NetGalley and SOURCEBOOKS Fire for providing me this eARC in exchange for an honest review*


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Ali Novak is a Wisconsin native and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s creative writing program. She started writing her debut novel My Life with the Walter Boys when she was only fifteen. Since then, her work has received more than 130 million hits online.


When she isn’t writing, Ali enjoys Netflix marathons, traveling with her husband Jared, and reading any type of fantasy novel she can get her hands on. You can follow her on Wattpad, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @fallzswimer.



Have any of you read The Heartbreakers or Paper Hearts? Let me know what you guys think in the comments down below!



Thanks for reading!



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