Mini Life Update: 1 Month of School


Hey guys! Today’s post is going to be another Life Update! So It’s been almost a month since I joined my new school and the experience so far has been pretty good. This post isn’t a detailed account of events, it’s just a short post on the highlights of this past month. I’m planning on publishing detailed posts about my IB experience after a month or two, so that I have sufficient content and experience to share with you guys. Anyway, without further adieu, let’s get into the post!

Learning the Cello


So, I might or might not have talked about how much I’d been wanting to learn the cello for more than a year. My love for the instrument began when I read If I Stay by Gayle Forman. Although the sequel and the movie pretty much ruined it for me, my yearning for learning the cello seemed to keep growing. I’d almost given up when I learnt that I could go to cello classes at my new school! I was so overjoyed to have gotten something I wanted so badly when I least expected it. The first time I rested the cello on my knees and stroked its strings with the bow was magical. I’ve attended two classes so far and I can’t wait for my next classes!

Student Magazine 


As all of you know, writing is my passion. I’d been one of the editors of my previous school’s magazine and I really wanted to be a part of my new school’s magazine. At first we had to send in an application and do certain tasks assigned for each position we wanted to apply to. I tried for the positions of copy editor and managing editor. After three days of submitting my tasks I received an email that said I’d been selected to be the copy editor! I also learned that out of 35+ applicants in total, only 15 were selected to be on the magazine team!!! How cool is that?! 

Leadership Camp

image4.JPGDo not let the fancy name fool you guys. This was basically an adventure camp, the kind where the extroverted, outdoorsy kids find amusement and the introverted kids want to commit suicide… I hope you can guess where this is going. We had to do crazy things at this camp, which included walking on ropes that were like 40 feet above the ground. The thing is guys, I’m not afraid of a lot of things… just the dark sometimes, and heights. Yes, heights. I’d rather not say what happened – but I’ll tell you this, I had to calm myself down by telling myself this: “It’s not like I’m going to die…..right?”. Even though I despised the activities, the overall experience was pretty good, and I got to know some of my classmates a lot better than I had at school. So, did I like it? um… I guess so.. It wasn’t that bad.

There you have it guys! Hope you enjoyed reading this mini life update! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions regarding the IBDP.

Until next time!

Thanks for reading,



14 thoughts on “Mini Life Update: 1 Month of School

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  2. Looks like it went well. One month is almost done and I want to throw myself out the window from my new school 😂 I’m not afraid of heights but I’m always afraid in my dreams which is weird. I loved the movie ‘if i stay’!!

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  3. Sounds like you are having fun!!!!!!! And finally, you are playing the cello!!!! I am really happy that everything is going great!!! And don’t you dare forget us, your old school friends, young lady!
    Cheers love!

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  4. It sounds like you are enjoying the new school, and I think it is so awesome that you are learning the cello!!! I hope you continue to enjoy it 🙂 I remember doing a leadership camp at school and it was the same stuff as what you did. I don’t like interacting with people much so I think that was the biggest challenge for me…more than the high ropes etc. It really sounds like you are making the most of it, keep up the awesome work!!!

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    1. Hey! I am 😀 the only thing is I don’t find enough time to work on my blog, and blog hop😞😞
      Ikr! I think it’s so cool that I’m learning the cello too!
      Ugh I know what u mean… I was in a group where I hadn’t really interacted with most of the people, so that was a challenge for me too
      Thanks! ☺️

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    1. Hey!!! First of all, is so sorry I haven’t been able to catch up on it posts… 😔😔😔 I’ll be checking them out soon
      Hehe yes I guess I’m having a good time… thanks so much 😊😊 and yes, I’m going to be really busy 😓

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  5. I’m scared of heights too. The thought of being too high off the ground turns my stomach. I always seem to have those falling dreams😓.. Anyhow, congrats on your positing with the school magazine. Keep up the good work👍

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