Should Girls Wear Makeup?


I don’t mean to stereotype, but makeup has become almost inseparable to the female (and male) population in today’s world. It has expanded and grown from what makeup was considered to be in previous generations. I personally get overwhelmed when I walk into a typical cosmetics store. Makeup is also a large part of popular culture, with millions of makeup tutorials on youtube and several makeup boards on Pinterest. When I watch youtube makeup tutorials, I realize that I know only about 4% of all the makeup products out there. But what is often debated is if makeup is a good or a bad thing. Let me give you my view on it.

I’m sure that there are many people who have received a few puzzled looks and not-so-good remarks for wearing makeup. The funny thing is that sometimes you might find that the person who criticises you for wearing makeup are often the ones who wear makeup. Sometimes though, some people actually do care a little. They might say that they didn’t think it was right for your skin, or that there’s no point in wearing makeup. Logically speaking, some of the things that these people say does make sense, but there’s more to it.

I’m not going to lie and say I’m not insecure at all, and that makeup doesn’t make me feel pretty, but I’m not ashamed of admitting it. The choice to wear makeup depends on each individual, and I don’t think anyone should be told whether or not to wear makeup. If you think about it, isn’t makeup kind of like picking a nice dress to wear for a party? Makeup is just a form, a way of looking presentable, so why should it be criticised? It can also be linked to individual expression and art.

But apart from all that, I also think wearing too much makeup, just like overdressing or having the perfect body, creates an illusion of a person every insecure girl aspires to be. When I say too much makeup, I mean being unable to recognize a person when he/she is wearing/not wearing makeup. As elevating as wearing too much makeup can be, I also think it promotes unhealthy and unrealistic expectations. But again, this is my personal view, and I think anyone should be allowed to wear as much makeup as they want to. So guys, start winging your liners!

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19 thoughts on “Should Girls Wear Makeup?

  1. Nice article,Nammi and definitely make up is an art. Using right products appropriately to high light your features is the key to be more presentable and to be confident!! Yes I know as a teenager you will receive lot of comments and taunts from many. But ultimately a girl overcomes all these remarks and turns into more beautiful lady!

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  2. In my oopinion, little bit of make up makes up a person presentable to people. So that people will notice what the person is, but on the other hand gaudy make up will repell people. So keep make minimum: but the article written by a teenager makes worthwhile of reading and shows the impact on parents wallet🤣

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  3. Spot on about the observation that the ones who wear makeup tend to think they know it all and then look down upon others. Its true that we need to be strng from within, to not give in to being fake just to fit in, but yes on the other hand if we do want to put make up because we like it and not because others want that from us, its wholly our choice. Lovely how you explained this 😄

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