Before I go on to my post I’d like to tell you guys that this is a mere chain of thoughts and I do not consider myself to be an expert at all. This post is more like an internal dialogue, which is why it contradicts itself (which is its purpose). Anyway, hope you like it!


A perplexing chain of thoughts

We often wonder what makes us well, us.
Who am I? A question that has been pondered over throughout human history.
Am I my personality?
Probably. I mean its pretty fair to assume that we are what we make of ourselves.
But personality isn’t tangible. It is not quantifiable.
Yes, personality may not be something that you can measure, nor something that we can accurately make sense of. Needless to say, personality exists – inevitably. No one can not have a personality.
But what if personality can be measured? After all, psychology is all about understanding why we behave the way we do. Can there be an intricate formula? To make it a little less rigid, can we be able to predict someone’s behaviour based off of a thorough analysis of their personality?
What do you mean by a thorough analysis of personality?
I mean history, background, brain scans.. anything as long as it can determine the foundation of someone’s existence.
Aren’t there layers of personality to a person? Things that get added, replaced and deleted. Is personality the root of existence?
It can be, but it a collection of all the layers. The good ones, ugly ones, confused ones, and irreplaceable ones.
If layers can get deleted, replaced or added, is personality not consistent?
There are some elements of your existence that stay, that are permanent. Others are long-term. Some are there for what is a mere second of your life. Regardless, personality is everything in that moment.
Is it generally consistent then?
I’d like to think so, but I don’t think that a personality is guaranteed. You’d like to think that there’s something about you, not a personality trait, but a vibe that you receive and give that is consistent throughout your life. Something that makes you feel like yourself, although you might have had some drastic personality changes. But who knows? You might be able to change that vibe.
Is there a reason for this?
Whatever you’d like the reason to be. Science, philosophy, spirituality.
What about personality traits? What do you think about that?
Well, your personality traits are your personality, but your personality cannot be broken down to personality traits. Sorta like the emergent property – the whole is greater than the parts (could be a biological/scientific reason)
Is personality what is spoken? Everyone has different answers to the same question – What is my/your/his/her personality?
Things that are spoken are interpretations of one true personality.
Then how would you call a one true personality?
Isn’t it too abstract to define? Something that can only be understood if you try hard enough. Isn’t that why people go to such lengthy extents to make their personality three-dimensionally perceivable?
If personality is not definable and has different interpretations, is it not a mere illusion?
Again, what you think personality is depends on the kind of reasoning that you use. What you are saying now might positively pass for a theory.
Theory. I like that. The theories of personality.
What about those instances when you look into the mirror and experience an intense set of emotions – who am I? Am I the character or am I playing the character?
Again, those are two theories.


Hope you guys enjoyed reading this really weird post! Feel free to continue this discussion down in the comments.



Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Personality…?

  1. Personality is the traits you are governed by. They are pretty set when you start… are added to by nurture and your own efforts. If you aren’t given a proper foundation then its pretty hard to change your self destruction (yes, I read an article about this!) Any way I love your stream of thought and found it quite compelling! ❤

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