My words are like feathers 

Starting strong, gliding high 

Before plummeting inevitably 

My words is the uncovered 

The undiscovered and the unheard 

Lurking behind a wall of neglect 

My voice, nothing but a backdrop 

Background music for important ones 

But not so in my head 

I’d say this pattern is not indifferent

I feel it when the wind is strong 

Which is occasional 

Soft breeze is negligible 

Not much attention it requires 

I guess that’s what I am – soft breeze 


Sometimes I struggle with feeling neglected or ignored and this poem was a manifestation of when that feeling had reached its peak. If you have felt like this before this is what I have to say to you – demand to be heard. You are not lesser than any other human being. No one has the right to determine your significance – only you do. Make sure you are aware of that power.


P.S: This post was supposed to go up two weeks ago 😦


Thanks for reading



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