My Trip to The Netherlands

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Hey guyss! Long time no see … As you may have noticed, I don’t post as often because of school and uni applications, but I do have a ton of exciting things to tell you…

So what was I up to these past few months?

I didn’t do much in July except for working on my Extended Essay (4000-word essay requirement for IB Diploma Program) and getting started with my common application. Apart from that, however, I was getting ready to go to The Netherlands for summer school! I know I don’t talk a lot about my education and what I want to do my undergrad in (which I might write a post about in the future), but I decided to attend a Health and Happiness course (within the range of courses offered) as I want to pursue my further studies in psychology. The summer program was called CuriousU and was conducted by the University of Twente which is a public research university in Enschede, Netherlands. This was my first time traveling alone to a different country, and the trip was indeed an adulting experience for me! Although this meant that we had to be on our toes constantly as we had no one else to rely on, I learned a lot of valuable lessons – the most important one being ALWAYS to use google maps! Allow me to walk you through my experience with a couple of pictures…


When we landed at the Schiphol airport. By this time, we’d flown for over 7 hours and were on the verge of collapsing.

When we reached the Hengelo Train Station and visited the city while on our way to the university. Hengelo’s peace and silence was exactly what we needed after lugging around a bunch of heavy suitcases from train station to train station.


The University sign!!

The Main Tent! This was where all the CuriousU attendees gathered around for events organized by the university team and food before/after class…

Waiting to go to class… This was the main building where all the classes were held in separate rooms. It took a while for me to figure out how to get there from the main tent haha…

Eating dinner at the campus hotel on the first day after class…My friends were placed in dorms on the other side of the campus, and I didn’t know how to get to them initially… so I kinda had to spend time alone in my room…

We hung out at this lake area with my friends the next day after lunch the next day.


The path to class… it might look really pretty now, but it would start to look creepy after it got dark.. fun fact – the sun sets in ND at 10pm ish in the summer!


When I finally figured out where the grocery store was! This was the beginning of literally one of the best parts of the trip – walking to the grocery store and getting a bunch of things back to my room…

Again, pretty now creepy later… side note though, it felt magical to walk from point A to B on campus.

These were delicious!


I’m not sure what day this was, but this was on our way to Enschede – the city where the university is located in… people actually LIVE in these houses.



These independent cafes/shops were beautiful! If you ever visit ND make sure to stop by any independent restaurant you see, you’ll meet the sweetest people and eat amazing food…


Best ice cream ever – I think it was called strawberry cheesecake…

Enschede day 2 – there was a concert that night, but I left early like your typical introvert haha.

Another fun fact – I watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before that day, and I did NOT like it… post coming soon

Rijksmuseum, AMSTERDAM!!!

Just Amsterdam! Isn’t she a beauty?

Some mad TFIOS vibes am I right?


Ok so my friends really wanted to eat sushi, and I was like yeah why not so we went to this sushi restaurant that was recommended to us by our taxi driver and boy! This restaurant – Sumo – is spectacular! And the food was great too!

Flower market and of course, tulips…

ANNE FRANK MUSEUM!!! Ok so we weren’t allowed to take pictures, but I snuck in just this one cause I couldn’t resist… This is the famous bookshelf that led to the Frank family’s hiding… There was a free audio guide the whole time so we got to listen to the entire context of her story… not to mention, we saw her ORIGINAL diary and interviews of her close friends and family… I shed some tears, and it was a heartbreaking yet inspiring visit…



Walking back from the grocery store to my hotel room on the LAST DAY… I wish I could show you some of the pictures I took in class (cause I spent most of my time there) but I didn’t want to for privacy reasons… What I can tell you is that I got to work with amazing people from literally all over the world… no kidding, my group consisted of people from South Africa, China, Germany, Romania, Indonesia and of course me, from India. It was fascinating to hear everyone’s different perspective on some of the issues we discussed in class – mostly related to mental health, its importance, and the different ways we can keep ourselves happy.


If you are ever at Schiphol Airport, don’t forget to eat here!

AAANDD that’s pretty much it! I hoped you liked this post and I want to end by saying that if you ever get the chance to visit ND don’t turn it down… It’s one of the best places ever, and it’s unfortunate that I couldn’t visit the countryside (which is equally beautiful) as class took up most of our time…

Thank you for reading! See you soon…

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