About me!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the blog of a teenager (that’s me!) who writes about her experiences, life lessons, views and tries to explore the many mysteries of life that are yet to be beheld! 

I’m Namitha, and I created this blog in July 2016. I did so to share my write-ups and poems with the world initially. Ever since I was a child, writing has been my passion. I created this blog so I could pursue writing and gain different perspectives from other bloggers’. As time has passed by, my blog has morphed. I not only post about my writing, but I also have begun to post about books. Just recently I’ve started to collab with other bloggers too! 

My tagline – through my looking glass – is actually a reference to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland/ Through the Looking Glass. A looking glass has been described as a mirror that transports Alice into an alternative world. Just like Alice, I want my readers to dive into my world – my looking glass. Something different and unique. I hope my blog manages to do that!